We are Less Drama Queens…

We don our tiaras and declare that:

We believe that we are gems ~ gifts given.
We believe in the power of growing.
We know it’s okay to make mistakes.
We learn from them.
We believe in the power of girlfriends.
We are oh-so grateful for community and connection.
We believe in making life matter.

We are individuals.
We are community.
We are unique.
We are the same.

We are resourceful.
We see possibility.
We are brave in the face of “danger”.
We endeavor to rise above our fear.
We look beyond the beast-like exteriors
to see the beauty within.
We believe that good boundaries protect us
and those we love.

We are generous.
We extend grace.
We fight for the underdog.
We nurture.
We seek freedom
And justice for all.
We stand up for what is right.
Sometimes we get knocked down.
We build each other up.
We are resilient.

We are playful.
We are true to ourselves.
We are learning to use our strong voices.
Can you hear the song in our hearts?
We can.

We have spirits of adventure.
We are head-strong and independent.
We never give up despite the odds against us.
We are fiercely passionate.
We believe in dreams come true.
We have hope in our happily-ever-after.

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