Cindy loves building communities and she does just that in her forthcoming book. Contemplations of a Less Drama Queen, Making Life Matter draws on the power of girlfriends. It’s based upon 5 gems that Cindy has found to be transforming in her own life and the lives of her best girly friends.

We are treasures.
We believe in the power of growing.
We believe good boundaries protect ourselves and others.
We believe in the power of girlfriends.
We believe in making life matter.

“Cindy’s book is a big, fat, sun-shiny dose of “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”
~ Alisha Yarish Hurlbert,
Less Drama Queen of Endless Encouragement, Portland, Oregon.

“There is a strength in friendships among women. We forge deep bonds through heartfelt conversations about the ups and downs of life, and punctuate them with belly laughs and tears, dark chocolate and good wine.  God has given Cindy the gift of understanding these things and the uncanny ability to write about them in a way that really connects to your soul.”
~ Kate Volkman Oakes,
Less Drama Queen of the Best Hugs Ever, San Francisco, California.

Cindy’s writings connect with you.  She invites you into deeper waters.  She challenges you to live the life you want.   She gets you…it’s as if she has known you all your life.  Cindy validates how we all feel.  She speaks the truth no-one dares to say out loud.  Cindy wants each to believe that we are gems to be treasured, to feel connected and make life matter.

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